About Us

The Four J’s Commercial Cleaning Difference


1. Mission statement

Our aim is to provide a quality and cost effective cleaning service and to deliver solutions tailored to our customer’s individual needs using staff that is competent to address non-routine cleaning in addition to the normal tasks, while being aware of the community and the environment.

2. Company Experience

Four J’s Cleaning Services is a division of Four J’s Group Pty Ltd and was established in 1996 to provide a full range of cleaning services and property maintenance to a variety of business and commercial premises throughout NSW.
Over the years Four J’s Cleaning Services has formed strong association with both private organisations and government departments. Currently our customer portfolio consists of Local Councils, Construction Companies, Medical Centre’s, Strata Units, Shopping Centre’s and Retail Outlets.
Four J’s Cleaning Services is an equal opportunity employer and currently employ’s Full time and Casual employees with a variety of skills. All employees are appropriately trained in OH&S, Quality assurance and Environmental Management.

3. Integrated Management System

Four J’s Enterprises have implemented an Integrated Management System which incorporates our OH&S and Quality Management system Systems and complies with;

  • AS/NZS/ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
  • AS4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

The IMS is audited by Australian Quality Control Services on a six monthly basis.
The scope of the IMS enables Four J’s Cleaning Services to effectively and efficiently manage our processes

4. Supervision

To ensure that the work is carried out to high standards and in accordance with the scope of work, a Supervisor will be appointed to each contract and will report directly to the Contract Manager.

The role of the Supervisor will be to co ordinate work schedules and monitor the performance of cleaners/ subcontractors. The Supervisor will also be responsible for the day to day operations and daily communication with the cleaning staff and site manager.

A Contracts Managers role will be to manage the overall performance of the contract and to ensure high standards of quality and the management of OH&S at site level. To ensure compliance with OHS and quality requirements the Contracts Manager will conduct site inspections on a frequent basis.