If You Are Paying A Company For Regular Cleaning

There Are Some Questions You Need To Ask…


  • Do you currently use contract cleaners?
  • Are your current cleaners quality endorsed (or have a Quality Management System)?
  • Is your scheduled work (e.g.. Carpet steam cleaning, strip & seal) included in your ongoing invoices or paid separate?
  • Do you have a current scope of work your cleaners use?
  • Are the cleaners electrical equipment regularly tested & tagged? (ie. Vacuums)
  • Are any cleaning chemicals stored on your site?
  • Does your cleaner have copies of each cleaning chemicals Material Safety Data Sheet?
  • Are your cleaners wearing the appropriate uniform?
  • Does your cleaner provide you with a copy of their Safe Work Method Statement?
  • Does your cleaner provide you with a copy of current insurances (Public Liabiltiy & Workers Compensation)

If any of the questions above have triggered alarm bells in your head, than you NEED to book an inspection with us. It will not cost you a cent and while provide invaluable perspective on how you can get much better results and SAVE MONEY along the way!

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